About the Project

“Dark Secrets” – originally conceived as the title for their second book, Ancel K. Houchen and C. A. Griffin, soon realized that their passionate plans for writing ran deep and wide.  While the desire to work on a second anthology project together was strong, their prime directive was to produce a collection of original Horror, Suspense and Science Fiction short stories that would surpass the limits reached with “Corner Stories”.

With that in mind, “Dark Secrets” grew from simply being  a book title to becoming a concept website where each of them will present their individual works, as well as, a place for them to showcase joint writing projects together.  The apple doesn’t fall from the tree and eventually this site will serve as the springboard for presenting the talents of the Houchen and Griffin clans.

Each story was written to fatten you up for the thrill.  AKH’s stories include: The Climb”, “Speed Trap”, “The Conjurer”, “Late for Class” and “Plugged In”.  CAG’s contributions are: “Requiem”, “The Devil’s Sixpence”, “We All Scream for Ice Cream”, “Little Hooligans” and “The Wood Carver’s Knife”.

Excerpts from their first book “Corner Stories” and from the second planned book project (under the former name of “Dark Secrets”) can be found on the “Bits and Pieces” section of this site.  Full and complete stories from both authors can be found on  “A Peek Into the Abyss” section.


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