About the Authors

Friends since JHS, Carol and Keith didn’t realize that they both had a love for reading and writing Sci Fi and Horror. Now their passion to share the scare with people through their writing is all consuming.


Ancel K. Houchen: His first leap into the world of writing has only served to fire up Keith to continue on his lifelong mission to become a successful and well read author. As one of the three authors of the recently released “Corner Stories” book, he has come one step closer to that dream.


C. A. Griffin: Carol’s contribution to the “Corner Stories” book has helped her realize that the ever present desire to write won’t be satisfied with just that one effort. She’s determined to continue to write until her last breath!


Whether working together on the collection of stories for their next project “Dark Secrets” or on each of their own individual novellas, both Keith and Carol are seeking to satiate readers’ desire for reading good quality SciFi and Horror/Suspense stories.