Cold Circle – by C. A. Griffin

Sometimes a mood takes me over…a voice enters my head, a song flows from my tongue or a poem strikes my soul.  It’s cold in the dark, where the circles just twist one upon another…Eventually, I wake up, get a cup of coffee and write the spookiness out of the moment.  ;) – CAG

Cold Circle – by C. A. Griffin

Mine heart made cold by revenge,

Mine eyes blurred by the tears,

Thus my hands are stained red by the blood.

My hair turned white with fear,

Mine skin made to sweat with desperation,

Thus my gut trembles with hate.

My mind made mad by the acts,

My body carved anew in the fight,

‘Til finally my soul is damned forever.

 And I care not…for my heart was made cold by revenge.

 -CAG – May 31, 2012

2 Responses to Cold Circle – by C. A. Griffin

  1. Cariza says:

    loved the website, keep up the work guys, i will be following you.

    • cgriffin says:

      Hello Cariza!

      Thank you for your support! Keep coming back to read updated material and to learn more about the book’s debut date!


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