C.A.’s “Corner Stories”

“Mabel & Rocky – by C. A. Griffin – NEW April 8 2013
Another original story that was published in “Corner Stories” back in 2011.  I’ve decided to release here in its entirety for you to enjoy…

“The Bus Stop” – by C. A. Griffin 

It’s late at night and Carlin Davis has missed his bus.  He’s left standing alone on a dark dreary corner, wheezing at the bus fumes, and gagging at the stink from the over flowing garbage can near by.  He’s in for a long, lonely wait. But he soon realizes that the long wait is the least of his problems because he’s being stalked by someone or something and there’s no help in sight. There’s no where to run, and Carlin fears that he’s about to meet his end.  That is until help arrives in the form of something that is just as creepy as the thing that is stalking him.


The Screaming Hare – by C. A. Griffin
You’ve just hit it big!  A financial windfall has just been gifted to you in the form of an inheritance from an old and eccentric old man.  You move into his vast estate and begin to live the dream of a lifetime in peace and solitude.  Everything is golden until you come face to face with danger in the form of two hunters who are intent on killing everything and anything in sight, including you. You think that things couldn’t get any worse until you hear the sounds of something far more sinister than the hunters’ gunshots.  Something so frightening that you start to pray for death to come in the form of a bullet instead of whatever else is in the woods with you.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes.
“Corner Stories” excerpts can be found on this site by clicking here.

2 Responses to C.A.’s “Corner Stories”

  1. kiki says:

    this is awsome! oh my, can’t wait to find out all the details! I just love a story that grabs you right in the beginning on the first line. love it!


    • cgriffin says:

      Hi Kiki!
      Thanks so much for the compliment! We hope you’ll enjoy all of the stories we write! – CAG

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