C.A.’s “Dark Secrets”

 “Moments of Fear”  –  C. A. Griffin’s new book has four stories that are sure to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.  Look for it to hit the shelves in late December.

     “Ice Scream” – What’s so hard about selling ice cream on a hot summer night?  Selling it in a creepy town filled with weird residents.  Especially when one of the residents wants more than just a cold treat.

     “Moments of Fear” – There’s a thin line between reality and fantasy.  When the line gets blurred, there’s no telling what’s going to cross over and come after you.

     “Little Hooligans” – You reap what you sow; do unto others as you would have them do unto you and size doesn’t always matter.  Martin is soon to find out the truth in all of these common sayings after his callousness towards a dying old man bring him face to face with his worst nightmare.

     “The Naughty List”Every one knows about Santa’s cute elves and the North Pole.  But not many people know about Lucy unless they make it onto the Naughty List.

Appearing in “Under the Bed” magazine December 2014-

“The Woodcarver’s Knife” –  Linda Archer dreamed of a successful career as an art dealer. Her latest acquisition was going to make her dreams come true but the price has to be paid in blood.


Coming soon -

“Requiem” – All around the tri-county area, young boys are going missing.  Selma Gantry is the quintessential creepy old lady.  She has an idea about what’s happening but no one will believe her.  The town’s only hope of saving their boys is to believe the ramblings of a crazy old woman before it’s too late.


“The Devil’s Sixpence” – Sola Gantry has always been interested in antiques, especially coins.  But this time, her search for a specific coin is so compelling that it’s become an obsession.  “The Devil’s Sixpence” is an ancient coin said to wield an unimaginable power that could wreak disastrous havoc if it fell into the wrong hands.


“A Quiet Town” – There have been a number of supernatural events happening in New Springs and they all seem to center around the spectacular and mysterious lives of the Gantry sisters.

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