“Duplicity” – by C. A. Griffin

I am of the season of despair; I give solace to no one; my own children will weep from fear of my wrath. I cull the weak from the herd and use them for my footstool. I call to the foolish with idle promises and they come on bended knee.
Fear me for I am real.

My enemies have no power; they cower in the dark, and hide lest I find them. They know not any peace while the earth is covered in the black of evil and the red rivers of blood.

I am of the season of despair.

I am of the season of hope; I give compassion to all that come to me; I am the protector of all; the champion of the innocent. The sound of laughter is something that is given and received with love. I will stand by your side in the battle and together we shall never falter; as it is the Divine God’s desire.

Evil hath no power; its only weapons are lies. It cowers at the coming of dawn. It gains strength only if you give in.

I am of the season of hope.
 – CAG (orig. 6/2010)

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