Voices from an Empty Room – by Ancel K. Houchen

Sometimes the worst thing to have in a haunted house is a flashlight.” – Ancel K. Houchen

“No matter how technologically advanced mankind becomes, we are always just one blown light away from being immersed in complete darkness and returned to our childhood fears.”
– Ancel K. Houchen

“If you believe in only what you can see and touch you will have sentenced yourself to a prison as limited as your eyes can see, and as small as your arms can reach.” – Ancel K. Houchen

“Is there any real connection between the rate we age and the way we calculate time? One year equals one trip around the sun and one day equals one complete turn of the Earth around its axis. So if the Earth were to speed up or slow down would we actually age faster or slower? I don’t think so. I think our concept of time is not even close to what time really is.” – Ancel K. Houchen

“The calendar is our way to measure the passage of time but it is an imperfect and not always agreed upon standard. There was a time when England and France followed two different calendars. This eventually lead to a “time” drift creating an eleven day spread between the two countries with France being ahead of England. England corrected this with the British Calendar Act of 1751 bringing the country to the European Gregorian standard. So what happened to those 11 missing days when overnight Wednesday the 2nd became Thursday the 14th? Technically the days between August 22nd and September 1st 1751 do not exist.”
Ancel K. Houchen

“What is good and evil? Are they concepts or standards of behavior collectively agreed upon by society to be acceptable or unacceptable? If that is the case then ultimately there is no true good or evil, there are only differences of opinion.”
Ancel K. Houchen

“In my opinion, a good horror story is more so a character study of humans under pressure than it is about a zombie apocalypse. And good science fiction is more so a statement about the sociopolitical climate than it is about lasers and little Green men.”
- Ancel K. Houchen

“We walk around in bubbles of reality as large as our senses allow, but what exists beyond the range of what we can see, smell or hear? Does a room remain empty after we leave it? Or does something else slip in behind us to fill the void? It is said that nature abhors a vacuum…perhaps the supernatural does as well.”
Ancel K. Houchen 

“The invention of the Internet has given words and numbers almost supernatural power. For most of human history, axes, swords and arrows were the most effective way to kill a man or overwhelm an army. Today one hacker using the right combination of words and numbers can ruin a person’s life or shut down a city’s power grid. The swords may be gone but the Internet has created a world of magic and Merlins.”
– Ancel K. Houchen

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