Ancel’s “Corner Stories”

“Windows to the Soul” by Ancel K. Houchen

“When Lucille Oliszewski visited the old house on Amboy Street, she thought she had caught something in the corner of her eye. Now her greatest fear is that it will get out.”


“The Exit Interview” – by Ancel K. Houchen

“For several years Dr. Ethan Walters earned a modest living as a family therapist helping patients cope with internal conflicts and personal loss. But over the course of a few nights, the world changed. The divide between life and death had become irreversibly blurred and humanity found itself no longer in need of his services.”

“Ethan however would not allow himself, and his skills, to be so easily dismissed. He knew he could still be of some use, he knew that he could prove he was worth his salt. There were people out there, wandering around in the darkness, who needed his help. All he needed was his worn leather couch, a willing subject and most importantly, a gun.”


“The Long Hall” by Ancel K. Houchen

“Kenneth Monroe knew a lot for a nine year old boy. He knew that a pair of Pro Keds and fast feet could buy him another day. He knew that sometimes a life could be measured in yards and not years and most importantly he knew there was something waiting for him down the stairs at the end of hall.”


 “Blackberry Blues” by Ancel K. Houchen

“Vincent was alone in the Catskill Mountains, far away from paved roads, power lines and cellphone coverage. This deep into the forest his company’s Blackberry was about as useful as a brick, which was exactly the way he planned it. But now his impotent Blackberry buzzed back to life, someone from his job tracked him down, it would seem. But when Vincent read the incoming message it’s a tangle of improper punctuation, odd symbols and childlike sentences. Stranger still, his Blackberry can only identify the sender as “UNKNOWN CALLER”.  Now he has less than an hour to figure out the meaning of the messages before “UNKNOWN CALLER” finds him.”


The Red Sea by Ancel K Houchen

“It has been argued that man is merely an animal. That we are no more than hairless apes sharing more in common wild animals than we are comfortable to admit. But what if that was not always the case? What if our animal inheritance worked the other way around? What if animals began to share the traits of man? If dogs can have dreams and goats can suffer from narcolepsy why can’t there be an animal that is a born sociopath, psychotic or perhaps even…a serial killer?”


“The Night Run” by Ancel K. Houchen

“Camp Walters was a remote military base located in the outskirts of Southern Afghanistan. With the base under constant threat from snipers, the military was forced to adopt a strict “17:30 Lights Out” policy, so when sundown arrived, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Everyone was in a constant state of fear and paranoia, and it wasn’t due to the snipers. It was because after nightfall, people began to disappear.

All of those facts were in the back of PFC Pullman’s mind as he crept out of his tent, in the middle of the night, looking for a place to relieve himself. He didn’t know what boogieman of his imagination might run into but at the moment, he didn’t care. All he knew was when it’s time to go, it’s time to go, and tonight he just may get his wish.”


“Into the Woods” by Ancel K. Houchen

“Taking advantage of elderly widows was a way of life for a brother and sister team of con-artists. They cleaned out savings accounts and sold fake insurance policies, all in an effort to finance their lavish lifestyles. But the economy was tanking, money was getting scarce and were only scam way from going belly-up, so when they got word of a lonely old woman, with a fat bank account and a load of home equity, it sounded too sweet to pass up. Even as children they both had an insatiable sweet tooth so they simply had to take a bite. But as their old Jamaican babysitter used to say, “Careful now picknees, what’s sweet now may soon sour you”.


3 Responses to Ancel’s “Corner Stories”

  1. Kiki says:

    Wow, I immersed myself into the stories, the fascinating characters, and the setting! can’t wait to read the full version to find out what happens at the end. These short stories are simply spectacular and truly enjoyable!


    • khouchen says:

      Hello Kiki!

      Thank you. I’m glad you liked the story excerpts. We hope you check us out again we update these pages frequently.

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