About the Project


Dark Secrets” is the concept website where you’ll find original Horror and Suspense stories.  Each story was written to fatten you up for the thrill.

Carol is working on tales that she hopes will give you goosebumps: “Requiem”, “The Devil’s Sixpence”, “Ice Scream”, “Little Hooligans”, The Naughty List, “Moments of Fear” and “The Woodcarver’s Knife”.
Although he’s on a writing hiatus while he manages his grown IT Security business, Ancel K. Houchen has also taken the time to contribute stories for your enjoyment: The Climb”, “Speed Trap”, “The Conjurer”, “Late for Class” and “Plugged In”.

Excerpts from the first book “Corner Stories” as well as other original stories, can be found on the “Bits and Pieces” section of this site.  Full and complete stories can be found on  “A Peek Into the Abyss” section.


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